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Based out of Paterson, Dingmans Dairy offer local delivery to most of the tristate area and more. We have a fleet of over 15 trucks that go out on a daily bases (Monday thru Saturday). Call us today to speak with one of our sales person to setup an account today!


3 Gallon Bulk Ice Cream

29000 Black & Tan
29007 Butter Beer
29002 Caramel Popcorn
29004 Cherry Vanilla Chunk
29013 Chocolate
29003 Chocolate Fudge Brownie
29011 Chocolate Marshmallow
29005 Cinnamon Churro
29010 Cookies & Cream
29009 Espresso Chocolate Chip
29014 Mint Chocolate Chip
29008 Root Beer
29012 Sea Salt Caramel
29001 Vanilla
29006 Vanilla Fudge with Pretzels