Rainbow Nonpareils (10 lbs box) by T.R. Toppers (LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY -NJ)


These brightly-colored nonpareils enhance your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with all the colors of the rainbow! Nonpareils are a classic favorite, dating way back to the late 18th century. Still popular today, these tiny round confections can turn any item in your bakery into a fun and festive, eye-catching treat! Like sprinkles, they add a pop of color and a unique texture to ice cream sundaes, cake batters, or other sweets. With a slightly more brittle texture than sprinkles, they can also be used to top signature chocolates. This versatile ingredient is great to have on hand in any bakery; and with 10 lbs. of nonpareils, you’ll be in good supply! 

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
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